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CIRA 4 LED Edge Perimeter Module – White, 6,500 Kelvins, 2.40 Watts (4WE240-6500)

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GOQ LED America’s LED module 4WE240-6500 is a 4-diode, 6,500K white LED module designed and ideal for perimeter lighted cabinet, box, pylon, and pole signs. This module is also applicable for a single row around the perimeter of single-face cabinet/box 8” – 12” and double-faced cabinet/box 8” – 20” wide. This module allows for faster installation (save 30-50% on install time) by lighting the perimeter of your cabinet signs while maintaining a superior brightly lit sign cabinet.

These LEDs have a guaranteed Life span over 60,000 hours. Designed for Easy Installation with 3M VHB sticky tape and a #4 screw hole mount option for easy mounting. Featuring a new twist and lock wire technology and extrusion system to simplify installation. These GOQ Samsung LEDs will provide you and your customer with one of the brightest and whitest LEDs on the market today.

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  • CE, UL, RoHS Certified, SAMS Verified
  • Viewing Angle: 18 x 40 degrees
  • Color Temp:  6,500 Kelvins / Natural Bright White
  • GOQ LED America Part# 4WE240-6500
  • Nomenclature:  4- 4 diode / W-White in color / E- Edge Lens / 240 – 2.40 Watts per module/ 6500 – 6,500 Kelvins
  • Modules per foot:  1.8 modules per foot
  • Sold in bags of 25 modules.
  • Feet per Bag:  14 feet,
  • Power Consumption per module:   2.40 watts
  • LED provided by Samsung: chip 3030
  • Lumens:  280 lumens per module
  • Spacing:  200mm between modules
  • Operating System:  12 volts
  • LED Driver:  Constant Voltage Driving System.
  • Best use:  Optimal for application 8+” in depth
  • Cable:  UL, 20WG
  • Module Length – 84 mm
  • Module Height – 14 mm
  • Module width – 20 mm
  • Distance between modules – 200 mm
  • 1.8 modules per foot

4WE240-6500 Dimensions 1 4WE240-6500 Dimensions 2

GOQ LED America warrants all CIRA Line LED modules we sell for a period of five (5) years from the time of purchase. This warranty covers the purchaser from problems which arise due to quality and performance. Warranty covers reimbursement for labor to replace defective LED modules up to three times the dollar amount of defective product.