That depends on which module you have. Using our most common 0.72-watt modules, a 60-watt driver can power a maximum of 83 modules. If you have our 1.08-watt modules, our 60-watt driver will power a maximum of 55 modules. Please refer to specific product pages on our website for more information on power supply loads.  

10000 K is a cooler bright white while 6500K is a natural toned white.

Our LUNA spectrum lens modules are designed with a 175-degree lens that will fit with applications just under 2” in depth!!

In DC circuits, voltage gradually drops as it travels through wire. So, with every foot of wire, the available voltage to each foot gradually decreases. This can lead to one end of your lights having higher voltage and can be brighter than the other end.

Divide long runs of LEDs into shorter runs. Connect additional “parallel” wires from the power supply to each LED run. If you’re running 50 feet of LEDs, we recommend you power from each end so the maximum distance from the power supply is 25ft. We do not recommend daisy chaining more than 50ft of LEDs together.

Buy Direct & Save.  GOQ LED America cuts out the middleman to provide a high-end LED module without the middleman added price.  We ship from Plano, Texas. 

Yes, our LED modules are capable of dimming.  We recommend purchasing a dimmer from the internet that will work with your 12-volt operating system.  Please call if you need more assistance.

At this time GOQ LED America does not offer any type of rope lighting or LED sticks.  We do offer perimeter edge modules in place of sticks.

Our LEDs are IP68 and can be exposed.  We always recommend protecting the wire ends and the wire in between modules.

Does peanut butter go with jelly?  Yes, we offer our current customers a dollar amount when they refer a new customer to GOQ LED America.  The amount received is based on the new customer’s initial order.

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