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Our LED’s used by the brightest of brands!



At GOQ, we are proud of the quality of the products and service that we provide. We don’t expect you to just take our word for it! Check out feedback from some of our customers!

“Harmon Sign finds Samsung 3WC-GOQLED module’s provide the perfect bright white illumination to meet our customer expectations and create an amazing visual effect.”

– Stephanie Leggio, Harmon Signs

“Lit with GOQ 3 LED modules, this is our prized Moderne monument sign located in uptown Scottsdale, AZ among some of the highest touted developments in the nation!! These LEDs are hands down the brightest and most functional for the dollar I have ever used. Also, a very big thank you to the agent who helped me every step of the way!! Customer service is without a doubt five star. Will definitely be doing business in the future.”

Moderne Sign

– Cody Spencer, 3DI Signs

“The attached pictures are of a sign we produced almost 5 years ago using GOQ LEDs. It is still as bright today, as the day we installed it.

– GOQ 3 whites were used for the “twirl ‘n’ top” letters and logo.
– GOQ 3 reds were used for the “Yogurt Café” box.
– GOQ 1 whites were used for the oval halo around the backer.

What we love most about GOQ LEDs is:

– They are well manufactured, and weather protected LED modules.
– They remain very consistent from module to module.
– They have great longevity.
– The light distribution angle is as good, or better then any other LEDs.
– At 10,000K, the whites are the brightest whites out there. All other colors are good too.
– They are efficient on transformers.
– They are strung together using a good length of nice pliable wire.
– They have quality 3M tape, and will accept a screw for fastening as well. (Important in Canada.)
– They are well packaged for shipping.
– After using them inside many of our signs. We have never had a module go bad on us.
– They are quite simply….Awesome!”

Twirl N Top

– Michael Garrett, Neon Image

“We love GOQ LEDs because they work!  We have not had any problems or failures with the modules we have received. Our projects using GOQ LEDs always turn out beautifully, and our customers are always extremely happy with their signs.  The service and support at GOQ LED America is excellent!  The people we work with are always friendly and helpful, and our orders are delivered on-time.”

– Cheryl Grate, Grate Signs, Inc

“We have been using the Samsung QOQ LEDS for a few years and love the overall value of their product line.

The brightness of the LEDS is especially important to us. We go into national malls across the country and need to be among the best lit signs to represent their presence among the other retailers.

Samsung QOD has fulfilled this need and just as important, we have yet to replace any their product since we started using them.”

– Philip Mastopietro, Brite Lite Neon Corp.

“Your Mini red LEDs “ROCK”. Perfect for halo lighting and backlit. And they are super bright. We look forward to doing more projects with your quality leds.”

– Mike South, ABC Glass and Signs, Inc.

“We built a channel letter job for Firehouse Subs using GOQ white LED’S and look how bright and awesome this sign lights up. We love doing business with GOQ, #1 in customer service and products. The sign speaks for it’s self. 🙂 “

– Nikki Potter, UFB Fabrication

“We here at ASL Signs pride ourselves on using GOQ LEDS! We are the only sign company in the area that can say we truly have the sharpest signs around! The output of GOQ LEDS are significantly outstanding. They are not only bright and beautiful, but they have the realizability that is needed in our industry! Our customers are always blown away with the output and we couldn’t stand behind a better product the GOQ!”

– ASL Signs

“This Letter set originally had JS led’s and the word EASTMAN had went out we replaced those with GOQ 3  Led’s….. it made the other letters and their logo look like the we not even lite….so long story short…they called and ask us to replace all of them and they are very pleased”

– Tom Foster, Foster Signs

“We built and Installed this Halo lite aluminium face sign for a t-shirt company called BOOMTOWN for their kiosk in the Johnson City Mall. We like using GOQ Led’s because of their even lighting. We are able to achieve this utilizing less led’s that other brands we have tried. Our customer was very pleased with the brightness and have recommend us for several new jobs Thanks for supplying a great product”

– Tom Foster, Foster Signs