LUNA 3 LED Module – Blue, Spectrum Lens (C-2835-3BT072)

GOQ LED America’s LED module C-2835-3BT072 is a 3-diode, 465 nanometer blue LED module designed and ideal for shallow depth applications as low as 2” deep. Back lit channel letters or signage, face lit shallow depth channel letters 2”-5” depth, and shallow depth box signs less than 8” deep will light up with even light distribution of superior blue. When you have channel letters or cabinet/box sign with blue vinyl faces, it is best to match the LED color inside to the face.

These LEDs have a guaranteed Life span over 60,000 hours. Designed for Easy Installation with 3M VHB sticky tape and a #4 screw hole mount option for easy mounting. Our GOQ modules are rated IP68 and are UL approved UL#E344463. These GOQ LEDs will provide you and your customer with one of the brightest blue LEDs on the market today.

  • CE, UL, RoHS Certified, SAMS Verified
  • Viewing Angle: 175 degrees
  • Color Temp:  465 Nano meter / Blue
  • GOQ LED America Part# C-2835-3BT072
  • Nomenclature: C – Economical / 2835- chip size 2835 /   3- 3 diode / B- Blue in color /  T- Spectrum Lens / 072 – 0.72 Watts per module/
  • Modules per foot:  2 modules per foot
  • Sold in bags of 100 modules.
  • Feet per Bag:  50 feet, 2 strands of modules at 25 feet per strand
  • Power Consumption per module:  0.72 watts
  • LED provided by: DKI
  • Lumens:  16 lumens per module
  • Spacing:  80mm between modules
  • Operating System:  12 volts
  • LED Driver:  Constant Voltage Driving System.
  • Best use:  Optimal for application 2+” in depth
  • Cable:  UL, 20WG
  • Module Length – 66 mm
  • Module Height – 10.5 mm
  • Module width – 15 mm
  • Distance between modules – 80 mm
  • 2 modules per foot